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52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Week 48 - Personal Library and Reading List

The challenge for Week 48 is to examine online tools for cataloging your personal genealogy library and keeping track of the books you read.  I am a fan of LibraryThing (  It is a site where you can catalog and provide tags in your personal library.  I have been using librarything for about three years and even purchased the cat ISBN reader that plugs into your computer and scans the ISBN number eliminating the need to physically enter the information.  The cat does not always work but when it does it makes it a breeze to catalog books.  I use librarything  to print out a listing of genealogy books I already own prior to going to genealogical conferences.  I check my list prior to purchasing new books - yes I have a habit of forgetting what I already own.  Currently I have 225 books in my personal library, I also have a copy of my inventory in the safe just in case I need it for insurance purposes.  Librarything has several options for printing and sorti…

Wordless Wednesday - Almost - Pontoon Bridge World War I

This photo is of a pontoon bridge used during WWI.  My mother stated that her father told her that the pontoon bridge was used temporarily to cross rivers during the war.  Her father stated that he obtained the picture during the war, she could not remember whether he said he helped put the bridge together or not.

Tombstone Tuesday - George and Eliza Durbin

George H. Durbin, 1851-1940 and Eliza M. Durbin 1859-1945.  George and Eliza are buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Saint Elmo, Fayette, Illinois. George was the son of Morris and Honora Dial Durbin.  I have much to research regarding this Durbin family.  George was a half sibling of my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Durbin Clark.

Illinois Research - Anyone know about the Fayette County Genealogical Society?

I am getting ready for my trip to Illinois at the end of the month.I am hoping to have a chance to hit the Abraham Lincoln Library in Springfield and perhaps check out a few genealogical society libraries.  I ran a search of the Fayette Genealogical and Historical Society and can no longer locate an active link for the society.  Are they closed down?  I did some research there about four or five years ago and they had some great resources.  If anyone has any info on this society please let me know. 

The Decatur Genealogical Society will also get a visit!  Last time I was there I found the librarians to be a wonderful resource.   Best of all I am looking forward to visiting with family both old and recently found. 

I am hoping that the genealogy discoveries will out weigh the emotions of the trial involving the man that killed my Uncle Bruce Clark.  Perhaps one door will finally close and many more doors will open.

Anyone have any suggestions about resources in the area of Springfield…

Wordless Wednesday - William Gollnick

William Gollnick 12 Jul 1912 to 14 Jul 1983

Tombstone Tuesday - Walter Mikolajczak

Wadislaw J. Mikolajczak, aka Walter.  Burial on July 2, 1947 at the Holy Trinity Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Block 4 Lot 102.  Walter was the seventh child of  Maciej and Stanslawa Mikolajczak.  Funeral records indicate that Walter was single and his last known address was 3001 South 7th Street.  At this point in time I have located Walter in the Wisconsin 1905 Census and the 1910 Federal Census.

Walter's siblings were:  Antonia 1888-1957, Stanislaw 1890-1931, Jozef 1891-?, Bronislawa 1893 -?,
Michal 1896-?,  Emily 1901-?.

Stanislaw is my husband's great-grandfather on his mother's side.

Wordless Wednesday (almost) San Xavier del Bac Mission

A historic SpanishCatholicmission about 10 miles  south of downtown Tucson, Arizona.  The mission is located  on the Tohono O'odhamSan Xavier Indian Reservation.  The Mission founded in 1692 is still active.  The Mission is being restored, the work is just beautiful.  See for more info on the Mission.