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2016 Cleaning up and honing my skills

2016 will be the year of "getting it together".
I have been shaping up my genealogy files for quite some time.  I have once again started a new database making sure my citations are correct, I am reviewing the sources and information I have in hand, and documenting every piece of information from each source.  The whole process has been rather willy-nilly – I hope to change my ways in 2016.  I am going to follow with both Dear Myrtle’s FINALLY Get Organized

and Thomas MacEntee’s The Genealogy Do-Over through Geneabloggers and the Facebook group at .  The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook can be ordered in Kindle format for $3.99 – visit for more information.  I’ll probably drive myself crazy but I should end the 2016 year much more “together”.  I am also “cleaning” up my skills…..
You can never stop learning.  There are so many wo…

Wordless Wednesday: Chris Urman, my adorable nephew, 1984