NGS Conference - Pig Pickn'

I was recently talking to some North Carolina folks about the Pig Pickin' dinner offered through the NGS Conference.  I was told it was an event to attend and that North Carolinians really knew how throw a barbeque.  I was worried since I am quite allergic to pork but after reading the menu description I found that the menu consisted of pork, fish (another allergy), and chicken!.  Sides include fried okra, mac and cheese, collard greens, hush puppies, rolls, cornbread, and desserts!  They also have a vegetarian option for those that request it during registration.  I happily have signed up for the dinner.

Also at the Pig Pickn' will be an award winning bluegrass band called The Grass Cats.  Artisans will have their wares for sale.  So far there will be a glass blower, goat soap maker, wooden bowls, painter, glass blower, metal worker, tinsmith and so much more.

The cost of the outing is $45 which includes round trip transportation, food. and the entertainment.  All and all, …

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Here is an event you don't want to miss.  

The NGS conference is one of the best conferences to expand your genealogical knowledge  and to meet some awesome people.  There are also special events including tours and workshops.

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Leo Otis Clark 1942-2017

My Uncle Leo "Otis" Clark passed away 10 March 2017.  My Dad is now the only surviving child of  Otis Elmer Clark and Ruby Pearl Poundstone.  Uncle Odie and the Clark family from Stonington has suffered many losses in the family.  In 1968, Bruce Wyman Clark, older brother of Otis, was murdered.  The sheriff took my cousin William Damery and my Uncle Otis into custody for interrogation for the murder. The sheriff played one against the other - hurt feelings ran rapid and the family was divided.  After many years William and Otis discovered what the Sheriff had done and went about repairing their relationship.  In 2009 the real killer of Bruce was arrested and convicted of his murder.  Otis and William both monitored the courtroom during the trial.  Grandpa Otis had before his death had forgiven Bruce's killer.  Many other family members struggled with their feelings when John Joynt was arrested forty years later.  My greatest hope is that Uncle Otis is now in the care of …

Long lost photos of the past: The Clark Family

I found a few gems while looking through the photos from my Aunt Maxine's estate.  It appears that a good deal of pictures of the family were in her possession.  I scanned some negatives and pictures of the collection while I was visiting in Illinois.

To the left is a photo from the 1940's.  I believe the child to be Leo Otis born in the early 40's.  Grandma (Rudy Pearl Poundstone Clark) and Grandpa (Otis Elmer Clark).

This photo appears to be of the same time period.  Wilma is on the left, then Leo Otis, and to the right David "Kent" Clark.  

The family was enumerated in 1940 in Bear Creek, Christian County, Illinois.*

Leo Otis was born in Stonington, Christian County, Illinois just a few years after the enumeration.  It does appear that the family stayed in the same county for a number of years.  

I will be posting more finds as time permits.  

 *1940 U.S. census, Christian County, Illinois, population schedule, Bear Creek, enumeration district (ED) 11-4, p. 3B, hous…

2017 Happy New Year

In 2015 my eldest daughter died - I was positive that 2016 would be a better year.  Well, January 1st 2016 I broke one ankle and dislocated the other. The entire year of 2016 was spent recovering.  I had surgeries, a lot of recouping, learned to walk again, and quite frankly spent a bit of time being numb. On a positive note I had time to spend on my ProGen assignments. I also had time to complete some courses at the National Institute of Genealogical Studies.  I did learn that one one should not put finishing touches on a presentation while under the influence of pain killers.  2016 was  probably the most difficult year to be a sole owner of a company.  I had to rely on my family and friends to drive me around which is a little difficult when one is a Private Investigator.

I am positive that 2017 will be an an improvement over 2016.  I am looking forward to a much healthier year.  My first genealogical talk will be on January 18 for the Voyager Genealogists.  I am doing one of my favo…

#FGS2016 I made it to Illinois! Catching up on my trip to FGS

I left Madison with a USB full of records regarding the Drezdzon and other related families. I downloaded quite a few obituaries from Milwaukee's Polish newspapers. My find at FGS was a book on how to read Polish obituaries, I have many translations to work through. First stop in Illinois was a stop at Portillo's for a Chicago dog, I was in heaven!  Which led me to the second most important thing to do - hitting a grocery store and buying all the bright green relish that I could find.  

I actually was in the area to visit the family graves at Concordia Cemetery located in Forest Park, Illinois.  The cemetery offices were very helpful and I located more family plots.  I like to check on the plots since my grandmother paid for perpetual care in 1942 in the amount of $100.00.  The $100.00 covers the entire plot of nine graves.  I think she would be happy to know the cemetery has kept their word she made quit a bargain.

Virtual Genealogy Fair U.S. National Archives

The National Archives will be presenting a 2016 Virtual Genealogy Fair to be held October 26th and 27th.  No need to register just go to Genealogy Fair to attend.

Session Schedule (eastern daylight time EDT) Day 1: Wednesday, October 26Watch entire day on YouTubeTimeActivity10 a.m.Welcoming Remarks by Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero10:05 a.m.Introduction to Genealogy at the National Archives by Claire Kluskens11 a.m.The Best National Archives Records Genealogists Aren't Using by Lori Cox-Paul12 p.m.National Archives Innovative Online Resources and Tools to Help with Your Genealogical Research by Sarah Swanson and Kelly Osborn1 p.m.You too can be a Citizen Archivist! Getting the most out of the National Archives Catalog by Suzanne Isaacs and Meredith Doviak2 p.m.Department of State Records for Genealogical Research by David Pfeiffer3 p.m.American Battle Monuments Commission by Ryan Bass Day 2: Thursday, October 27Watch entire day on YouTubeTimeActivity10 a.m.Nonpop…