Friday, September 16, 2016

#FGS2016 I made it to Illinois! Catching up on my trip to FGS

I left Madison with a USB full of records regarding the Drezdzon and other related families. I downloaded quite a few obituaries from Milwaukee's Polish newspapers. My find at FGS was a book on how to read Polish obituaries, I have many translations to work through. First stop in Illinois was a stop at Portillo's for a Chicago dog, I was in heaven!  Which led me to the second most important thing to do - hitting a grocery store and buying all the bright green relish that I could find.  

I actually was in the area to visit the family graves at Concordia Cemetery located in Forest Park, Illinois.  The cemetery offices were very helpful and I located more family plots.  I like to check on the plots since my grandmother paid for perpetual care in 1942 in the amount of $100.00.  The $100.00 covers the entire plot of nine graves.  I think she would be happy to know the cemetery has kept their word she made quit a bargain.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Virtual Genealogy Fair U.S. National Archives

The National Archives will be presenting a 2016 Virtual Genealogy Fair to be held October 26th and 27th.  No need to register just go to Genealogy Fair to attend.

Session Schedule (eastern daylight time EDT)

Day 1: Wednesday, October 26

10 a.m.Welcoming Remarks by Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero
10:05 a.m.Introduction to Genealogy at the National Archives by Claire Kluskens
11 a.m.The Best National Archives Records Genealogists Aren't Using by Lori Cox-Paul
12 p.m.National Archives Innovative Online Resources and Tools to Help with Your Genealogical Research by Sarah Swanson and Kelly Osborn
1 p.m.You too can be a Citizen Archivist! Getting the most out of the National Archives Catalog by Suzanne Isaacs and Meredith Doviak
2 p.m.Department of State Records for Genealogical Research by David Pfeiffer
3 p.m.American Battle Monuments Commission by Ryan Bass

Day 2: Thursday, October 27

10 a.m.Nonpopulation Census: Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Social Statistics by Claire Kluskens
11 a.m.The Morning After – Changes as Reflected in Morning Reports by Theresa Fitzgerald
12 p.m.The Iwo Jima Flag Raisers – Chaos, Controversy and World War II Marine Corps Personnel Records by Bryan K. McGraw
1 p.m.What's New in the Lou: A Look at the Latest Accessions at the National Archives at St. Louis by David Hardin
2 p.m.The Faces of the National Parks Service by Cara L. Moore
3 p.m.Closing Remarks by Acting Executive for Research Services Ann Cummings
National Archives, 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update on the way to #fgs2016

I ran away from home last Monday.  Day 1 I drove from Tucson to Guyman, OK.  I stayed at a  Holiday Inn with great beds. After a good night's sleep, I began day 2.  I drove from OK to Madison,WI.  It was a long drive but I made it!  Day three started with some scrambled eggs before hitting the Wisconsin Historical Society in downtown Madison.

Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison WI

Such a pretty place to be!
I searched microfilms and pulled a bunch check of books.  I left at 6 pm.  I didn't even stop for lunch! I located marriage, birth and death records. I also found quite a few obituaries in Milwaukee's Polish newspaper.

Fancy microfilm readers.

Now I just need to translate them.  I met some great genealogists in the library and really enjoyed walking around downtown and on the University campus.  Good news, I got my 10,000 steps in and I enjoyed every step of it.

Tomorrow I head to Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois. I plan to tramp among my relatives and view a wonderful old German Cemetery.  I'll check in soon...

Friday, August 12, 2016

#FGS2016 Almost ready for my road trip!

I am driving to #FGS2016 from Tucson, Arizona.  My first goal is to make it to Madison Wisconsin and research at the Wisconsin Historical Society.  The target of my research is my husband's family - Drvaric, Drezdzon, Drezdon, Dresdon, Mikolajczak, Kwiecienski.  I have my research list made and ready to go.

The next target is Forest Park, Illinois to visit  cemeteries where family are buried: Concordia, Forest Home  and  Wunder's cemeteries.  Then on to Ridgewood Memorial to visit my Grandparents graves in Des Plaines.  I may look up some old high school friends and visit the old neighborhood.  

While I am in the area I am going to stock up on some bright green or Chicago Relish as it is also called.  Never heard of Chicago relish?
Image from

Here are a few links for you:

Boy, I miss my Chicago Hot Dogs - nothing in Arizona comes close to a real Chicago dog.

The next stop will be in Southern Illinois to visit with relatives in Stonington, Decatur, Taylorville, Findlay and Rochester.

I plan on traveling to both Fayette and Piat counties to locate some court records - I am going to look for copies of all the women my Grandfather Clark married.

I must make time to go to the Illinois Regional Depository in Springfield to nose around records in the counties my family lived in..  I also have an appointment at the Abraham Lincoln Library to see some letters about the settlement of Avena, Illinois.

I will be playing tour guide for good friend Leslie Carney who has never been to Illinois.  I am planning to take her to the Abraham Lincoln Museum (a favorite of mine), the Lincoln Tomb, the Lincoln Home and a free walking tour of downtown Springfield.

I end at the #FGS2016 for several days of fun and interaction with my fellow researchers.

I will keep everyone up to date on my travels, I leave on Monday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Skibbe's

Great Aunt Anne Skibbe, Grandfather William Skibbe, and Lorraine Clark Skibbe on her wedding day.  Note the apron - Mom put out a spread for guests. January 1961

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Citation Check!

I thought it would be prudent to print out my source list.  I must be a very good girl because my report was over 300 pages!  My idea was to look at the sources to locate spelling errors or citations that needed a little tweaking.  It seems that things look perfect on RootsMagic (I call that entry blindness) but I have found some errors on my reports.  My top mistakes are spelling and number flipping.

It appears that the majority of my mistakes show up in the detail section.  I think the best way to review is to review a few pages everyday.  So wish me luck,!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: My favorite pictures of my mother as a child Lorraine Violet Edna Skibbe Clark Navy Pier

Navy Pier, Chicago 1938

Navy Pier 1938

Navy Pier 1938

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: My favorite pictures of my mother as a child Lorraine Violet Edna Skibbe Clark Navy Pier

Navy Pier, Chicago 1938

Navy Pier 1938

Navy Pier 1938

FGS 2016

I am so excited for the FGS conference in Springfield, Illinois.  I will be driving from Arizona about two weeks prior to the conference. The best part about getting there earlier will be visiting with family before the conference.  I will be picking up a picture of my grandfather from a cousin, my dad's yearbooks, and who knows how many other treasures I will find.

I have been working on my list of repositories and listing what documents I need to search for.  I have also contacted an aunt and some cousins so that I may scan their items.  I am also working up some interview questions for my family members.

My best friend will be traveling to the conference and will be in Springfield the Sunday before.  I am looking forward to playing hostess for the area.  I plan on dragging her to all my favorite places. 

I will be sharing my lists of favorite places to research along with my favorite places to visit in in coming blog posts.