Packed, Ready, NGS here I come #NGS2017GEN

I am packed for the National Genealogical Conference  in Raleigh.  Yes, I am a tad early.  Luckily for me, the first part of my trip is a visit with mom and dad in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. 

That, however, accelerated my packing since I drove with one of my daughters to Kings Mountain.

My parents have been keeping me busy baking, cooking, helping out, and spending time together. We did have a nice outing to the Carl Sandburg House in Flat Rock, North Carolina.  The area is picturesque and the home has stunning views.  They also had a a bunch of newborn goats (Mrs. Sandburg was a champion goat breeder), two sets of twins, one set of triplets and two mothers ready to give birth in the goat barn.  More information on the Sandburg home can be found at

I wanted to share a few of my must haves for the conference with those of you who are getting ready: 

Layers – sweaters, tanks, shirts, lightweight coat (you never know). 

Walking shoes – dress for comfort not style.

Compact portable charger (external battery pack).
Belkin Mini Surge Protector.

USB's, I have an addiction according to my family - really can you ever have too many? Just in case..

Name/address labels and or printed labels to save time at exhibitor booth.  
[I printed some that include my email contact on some Avery labels]

Business cards for networking.

Mobile hotspot – probably not necessary for all but I need it for client work.  I am spoiled having it at hand, I like “not sharing” my internet with everyone else at events.

My humidifier – My cohort Leslie Carney and I usually ask for one in our room when we are at conferences, we feel better with that extra moisture in the room.  Most hotels have them for the asking.  This time I am bringing one from home since I am traveling by car.

My list of books in my library via the Library Thing App, to prevent purchasing books already in my library.

NGS 2017 Conference App downloaded and schedule marked.  

DNA login info for all the accounts I have - for those questions I have for the various vendors.

What are you must haves for a conference?


Sheri Fenley said…
Amy Dahling - you are packing your tiara aren't you? I managed to move heaven and earth and will also be there in Raleigh!
Amy Urman said…
I will search for you!
Sheri Fenley said…
Download the conference app - it's like a tracking device LOL I am staying at the Sheraton ): My flight comes in at 3 pm let's have a cocktail or two and maybe dinner?

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