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Preparing for Certification.............Suggestions for advancement

The Boston University certificate of Genealogical Research program has been completed.  At the end of our course the instructors made some suggestions for furthering our education.  Friends and other genealogy acquaintances have also made suggestions.  I decided to put all the suggestions together to form one master lists.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  Here is what I came up with: 

SUGGESTED FOR ADVANCEMENT WEBSITE/ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NGS Home Study Course Boston University Certificate Genealogical Research University of Toronto, National Institute Gen. Studies ProGen Study Group Review BCG Application/Begin research prior to application CAFG 10-12 March 2016 San Antonio Texas GRIP Genealogical Res…

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- The Wayback Machine

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- The Wayback MachineCalling all Genea-Musings Fans: 
 It's Saturday Night again -  time for some more Genealogy Fun!!
Join in the fun with Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Prompt for Saturday Night Fun Original post at
1)  Do you have a website or a blog?  Or know someone with one?  Pick yours, or theirs or another.
2)  Now go to the Wayback Machine ( and put the web site address in the search field.  

3)  Share your Wayback adventure with us in your own blog post, in a Facebook or google+ post.  Be sure to leave a link in a Comment on this blog.

Here's mine:
The Wayback Machine starts for The Genealogy Search on 11 January 2012.  Here are four of my posts from that period of history: 

National Dog Day 26 August 2015

I had the pleasure of growing up with a Great Dane by the name of Taffy.  When my father rescued her and brought her home my brother and I were scared!  She was huge!  The only interaction we had with a dog before that was a dachshund named Fritz.

Taffy "danced" with my father on her hind legs, tended bar downstairs with him, and went biking with him.  Matt and I were her puppies.  We laid on top of her, hugged her, and just enjoyed being around her.  When Mom would get mad at us the wooden spoon came out and Taffy would jump in between us and Mom to protect us.

Now she did have a bad habit of escaping - mainly breaking the chains she was tied up with.   Once she got loose and went over to the neighbors and scared them so bad they gave her the steak off their grill.  Another time Taffy escaped and Dad called the police in Mount Prospect (Illinois, it was a village then) and reported her missing.  The operator said - "Oh, that explains the report of the lion in the back…

Wordless Wednesday: Robert Urman: Boy Scout


Wordless Wednesday: Matt, Amy and Lorraine Clark 1967


Genealogy Education: Boston University and more.....

Well I've been busy stepping up my education.  I have been honing my Private Investigative skills and advancing my genealogy skills.  I have one more week to go to complete the Boston University Genealogy Research Program.  The classes included problem solving, research, evidence evaluation, and professional genealogy.  Instructors included Melinde Lutz Byrne, Mary Ann Boyle, Thomas Jones, Elissa Scalise Powell, and Allison Ryall.   The class has been wonderful and I have learned a lot!

The BU class is accredited for three graduate school hours, it requires quite a bit of time and effort.  I can honestly say it has been challenging and fulfilling.  Some classmates jumped ship before the completion of the course, others like myself have dutifully done our reading,  homework, and participated in the online discussion groups.

I can honestly say that I spent about twenty hours a week on the course.  I was my own worst enemy - constantly second guessing myself along the way.  I did, h…

A Little Saturday Night Fun -

Randy Seaver invites us to have a little fun this Saturday!  Please visit his blog at Saturday Night Fun to join in .

Here is your assignment:

1)  Answer these questions in my survey about your genealogy resources and usage:

a)  Which genealogy software programs for your computer do you use?

Roots Magic
b)  Which online family trees have information submitted by you - in either a separate online tree (e.g., Ancestry Member Tree) or a universal (collaborative) online tree (e.g., WikiTree)?

Ancestry, WikiTree, and FamilySearch
c)  For which subscription genealogy record providers (e.g., Ancestry) do you have a subscription?,,,,
d)  Which FREE genealogy record providers (e.g., FamilySearch) do you use regularly?

Family Search, NARA,, Find A Grave, Billion Graves, HeritageQuest Online, UsGenWeb, 
e)  How much time do you spend each week doing actual genealogy research online?  [Note:  not readin…