National Dog Day 26 August 2015

I had the pleasure of growing up with a Great Dane by the name of Taffy.  When my father rescued her and brought her home my brother and I were scared!  She was huge!  The only interaction we had with a dog before that was a dachshund named Fritz.

Taffy "danced" with my father on her hind legs, tended bar downstairs with him, and went biking with him.  Matt and I were her puppies.  We laid on top of her, hugged her, and just enjoyed being around her.  When Mom would get mad at us the wooden spoon came out and Taffy would jump in between us and Mom to protect us.
Mom and Taffy
Taffy, me and Matt 

Now she did have a bad habit of escaping - mainly breaking the chains she was tied up with.   Once she got loose and went over to the neighbors and scared them so bad they gave her the steak off their grill.  Another time Taffy escaped and Dad called the police in Mount Prospect (Illinois, it was a village then) and reported her missing.  The operator said - "Oh, that explains the report of the lion in the back yard drinking out of the bird bath."  

Now we have four dogs.  Kali - (lab and shepherd) the old broad that runs the household; Bear, my deceased daughters dog (lab and sharpei); Lola, our youngest daughters dog (part devil, part catahoula); and my boyfriend Leroy Jethro Gibbs (boxer and pit bull).  Gibbs and I spend quite a bit of time together - my husband is under the impression I like the dog better......well, sometimes.....

Gibbs, nothing is too good for my boyfriend!


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