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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Make a Timeline for an Ancestor

Tonight's assignment - Make a timeline for an ancestor.  Please see Randy Seaver's blog at for information!  Thanks for the challenge Randy! 

Here is my timeline for my third great grandfather John Nicholas Poundstone:

I used RootsMagic to create my timeline.  I then saved the timeline and endnotes to a PDF and used the snipping tool to create a jpeg to upload to my blog.  

I now see that I need to correct my endnote 27 - somehow the citation is incomplete.  Good thing Randy had us do the task, now I can correct poor Great Grandpa's citation!  Interesting to note the probate for John N Poundstone was settled about fifteen years after his death!   


FGS: Connect.Explore.Refresh - Planning for the experience FGS 2015

I have been coming up with a plan to make FGS and RootsTech conference the best they can possibly be.  It is a three part plan that will hopefully come together and provide the experience of a lifetime. I am also keeping in mind sometimes it is OK to fly by the seat of your pants. I missed out on  Geneablogger time at the SCGS Jamboree by trying to fit in every possible class.  What you learn socially is just as important as what you learn in the sessions. 
Part one of my plan:  Preparing for a visit to the Family History Library.  I have been reviewing my database looking for research holes that could potentially be solved by locating information at the FHL.  I have been looking through the catalog for books and microfilm and organizing that information for the most efficient use of my library time.  I like to organize my research for each floor and then by area.  I have decided to add additional days to my visit for the library.  I did not want to allocate any FGS or RootsTech time…

Wordless Wednesday: The Skibbe's - Mom, her parents and Aunt and Uncle, cir 1950


Veterans Day: My Military Ancestors


Wordless Wednesday - Robert Urman Milwaukee Wisconsin Oct 1934