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Geoff Rassmussen

Once again Geoff gave us a wonderful presentation.  He is knowledgable, caring, and very effective in showing how to make Legacy work for us.  I hope his company understands what a treasure they have.  Legacy software is the best genealogical software around today.  If you have not had the chance to check them out, please visit
On Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009, the Arizona State Genealogical Society will be hosting Geoff Rasmussen from Millennia Legacy Software.  Legacy is my favorite genealogical software.  I am looking forward to Geoff the Legacy Guru teaching some special aspects of the software.  This class will be aimed to the intermediate or advanced user.  I am looking forward to some ah ha moments as a learn some new tricks.  Legacy offers a free version of it's software without all the bells and whistles.  Anyway I am counting on Geoff to make me a junior guru so that I can just whip through the program and get those relatives under control and firmly planted in my family tree. 
I am happy with finally completing the first seven lessons of the NGS American Genealogy Course, especially proud that I made myself get the last few  in the mail today.  On to lesson eight!