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Wordless Wednesday: My Uncle, William Skibbe, World War II


Genealogy, Plagiarism, Ethics, and Belonging.......

A long time ago, when I was much younger, my mother gave me some sage advice.  She said keep company with the people you admire and want to be like.  It makes sense and perhaps that same advice should be used in our genealogy.
I wanted to become a better genealogist.  I enrolled in Boston University, NGS courses, ProGen and the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  I go to seminars, jamborees, conferences, SLIG and attend webinars.  I am picky about how, what, and with whom I study.  I pay for many of these opportunities and I want my dollars’ worth.  I talk to others about the events to find out if they are a worthwhile purchase.  I ran Boston University and National Institute through the BBB and read about them on the BCG Educational Preparation page    I check out who is speaking and what subjects were being offered.  I strike up conversations with conference attendees at events to find out who they liked and dislike…

A little Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy!

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, the assignment from  Randy Seaver at are:

What four places did my ancestors live that are geographically the farthest from where I live today?What are the four most unusual given names in my family tree?What are the four most common given names in my family tree?Four places farthest from where I live today: Prussia [currently Poland] - Miottel familyGermany - Schuck and Skibbe familyEngland - Logue, Logsdon, and Durbin families Virginia - Poundstone family (I think they are German but have not found the proof as of yet)Most unusual names in my family tree - not that they are so unusual: 

Ora Pearl Poundstone- My Great GrandfatherRuby Pearl Poundstone - My GrandmotherJohana Schuck - My Great GrandmotherMahala A. Adams - My Second Great GrandmotherFour most common names: