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Wordless Wednesday - Richard, Catherine and Olive Poundstone


Tombstone Tuesday - Cora Belle Hissong at James M. Grave

Thank you to Carla Dial for sharing this photo.

Sunday's Obituary - George is struck by lightening!

My second great granduncle George Washington Poundstone's obituary.   This is one of my favorite obituaries.... (is it wrong to have a favorite?)
Saturday 1 June 1918

     George W. Poundstone, well-to-do and widely known farmer of the community four miles northeast of Deer Creek, was instantly electrocuted last Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock when struck by a wicked bolt of lightning. When a terrific storm approached, in company with his faithful dog he had gone back to a pasture field to get up the cows for the evening. He had gotten the cows and starting back to the barn when a load clap of thunder emitted a streak of lightning that struck an umbrella he was carrying. The electric current ran down the steel handle of the umbrella and struck him on the breast, running down his left leg and into the ground, his body being badly burned. When he had been gone for several minutes Mrs. Poundstone noticed t…

Wordless Wednesday - Margaret (Hissong) and Charlie Dial


Mappy Monday or Why my third great grandparents married

While I was in Indiana I came across the image below in the Combination Atlas Map of Cass County Indiana, Kingman Brothers, 1878 - reprinted in 1976 by The BookMark of Knightstown Indiana.  The map certainly explains the marriages between the Poundstone's and Zecks, the Hyman's and Poundstone's, the Fout's and the Poundstone's and the Fout's and the Hyman's.  The neighborhood was a built in "shop for a spouse" location!

Chance to Win Free RootsMagic Software!

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Wordless Wednesday - My kids are getting older!!!! Here's the latest of the three youngest!


Pruning my roots....

I decided to spend some time cleaning up my database. My locations are done, my photos are done, and now I am reviewing every citation and where they are used. I have come to the conclusion that I have improved quite a bit since I started inputting my data. The problem now is that I want my "less mature" cites to be the same standard as that citations I create today. I am almost half way done with my upkeep. I firmly believe that cleaning up roots is the pits! I would much rather be researching or perhaps finish the entering of my vacation finds. Just like a good housekeeper of the home I will soon be a good housekeeper of my RootsMagic.

Any Tucson genealogists? A new genealogy club is starting up in Tucson called - for now - the Pima County Genealogy Club. Please share your ideas with the folks starting up the group by answering the survey at

What a find! Newspaper 50 years later with death information!

I have been searching for death information for Daniel Hyman, 1830-1888, and finally found a record in the Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Indiana), 17 Feb 1938, Page 4 Col. 6.  The item was listed under the title "50 Years Ago" it read:
Daniel Hyman, an old and well
known Cass county resident, was
burled last Sunday at the cemetery
north of Young America. The
attendance was remarkably large,
from 2,000 to 2,500 people being on
the grounds, and 318 vehicles in
the procession. Another newspaper tidbit dated the week of Daniel's burial -Logansport Pharos (Indiana), Feb 23 1888,  Page 4, col. 3:
Resolutions of Respect.
No. 520, I. O. O. F.
LOGANSPORT, FEB. 17th, 1888.
Whereas, It has seemed good in the
wisdom of Almighty God,to remove from
us our esteemed brother, Daniel Hyman,
who died on the 10th day of February,
1888, therefore, be it
Resolved, That in the death of Brother
Daniel Hyman, our lodge has lost a
valued and devoted member.
Resolved, That …