Pruning my roots....

I decided to spend some time cleaning up my database. My locations are done, my photos are done, and now I am reviewing every citation and where they are used. I have come to the conclusion that I have improved quite a bit since I started inputting my data. The problem now is that I want my "less mature" cites to be the same standard as that citations I create today. I am almost half way done with my upkeep. I firmly believe that cleaning up roots is the pits! I would much rather be researching or perhaps finish the entering of my vacation finds. Just like a good housekeeper of the home I will soon be a good housekeeper of my RootsMagic.

Any Tucson genealogists? A new genealogy club is starting up in Tucson called - for now - the Pima County Genealogy Club. Please share your ideas with the folks starting up the group by answering the survey at


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