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I feel like I am running around in circles trying to locate my Grandparents wedding information.  My mother does not remember her parents anniversary, her siblings have passed, and I have been unable to locate any living relatives with any usable information.  I know that they must have been married sometime between the conclusion of the 1920 census and the birth of their first child in 1923.  No records have been located in Chicago.  Perhaps I need to check Indiana records.

Arizona State Genealogical Society

Two items of note about the Arizona State Genealogical Society, One - I am now the President of the Society and two - once again our website has been revamped.  Please check it out at  We now have member forums and many other updates that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.
I have been sneaking in my own genealogy in between work and society business.  I have found a few leads and  a few dead ends.  My main objective now is trying to organize my research for a road trip to Illinois in the summer.  I will be inhaling dust at the Piatt and Fayette archives and libraries searching for my elusive ancestors.