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Jamboree 2016 - I'm In! U2?

So I really thought I would not go to Jamboree - saving some funds for FGS in Springfield but I can't be good!  Budget be damned!  I have already picked my classes and I think I can room with some friends - Laurie and Bev - hint hint!  

I told myself I wouldn't look at the classes, then I promised myself  I wouldn't go unless I had a roomie and now I have just proven I have no self control what so ever...... I should be ashamed...if I weren't so happy looking forward to going.  

I blame Lise Harding with her Facebook posts highlighting the Jamboree for my downfall.  In years past I have served as her Jamboree slave happily serving as room monitor and registration packet pusher - this year no twisting the arm to volunteer - but those teasers!  I dare you to give the Jamboree 2016 website a view.  Visit the page at to see if you get tempted to visit.

The good news is that I will be able to see my conference hubby J. Paul Hawthorne soo…

FINALLY Get Organized – February it was a rough month!

You can join in by following Dear Mrytle’s “FINALLY Get Organized” at

The trials and tribulations of February's organizational tasks.....
It was going to be a great week - my cast was due to be taken off my broken ankle and life would be returning to normal.  I must confess the wheelchair has greatly reduced my  ability to fully use my office.  The bad news - my ankle did not heal to the Doctor's satisfaction so back in a cast I went.  The February's organization started off easy enough, start working on your mother's maiden line and fill in collateral's.    RootsMagic made the tasks  easy - then my computer started randomly shutting down.  I managed to save my work to the cloud and a passport drive and spent about four hours on the phone getting "help" with my computer.  Needless to say there was no help, the computer was sent to Dell (it was only a few months old)  I did continue working on my organiza…

Wordless Wednesday: 1968 Grandma and Grandpa Clark, Matt and I New Salem, Petersburg, Illinois


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