Tucson History - St. Mary’s Hospital and Sanitarium

cir 1885                                                                                    

cir 1910

Dedicated in 1880, St. Mary’s hospital was fully supported by the residents of Tucson. Originally it had been planned as a school, however, the Bishop Salpointe decided to make the school a hospital as it neared its completion. The hospital opened with twelve beds, Dr. John C. Hardy, and four Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelot: Sister St. Martin Dunn, Sister Julia Ford, Sister Basil Morris, and Sister Mary John Noli.

A second story was added to the hospital in 1882. The physician staff grew by six and the hospital had the capacity of fifty beds by 1900.
The Arizona State Genealogical Society sells a book documenting admissions to the hospital 1909 to 1920.


Arnav Choudhary said…
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Arnav Choudhary said…
Nice post. But there is an evil chapter of the St. Mary's Hospital. The st. Mary hospital is said to be haunted by numerous spirits and there are some signs of ghostly activities noted at the construction. Via- http://www.hauntedia.com/2015/12/top-10-most-haunted-places-in-tucson-arizona.html
Amy Urman said…
Thanks, I love a good haunting!

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