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Search Ancestry U.S. Censuses FREE Aug 29th through Sep 3

News Release from!

From August 29th through September 3rd, is opening all of its U.S. census records – FREE. You can start your free census search at

Learn about your family’s true story in the census records and see what your own life could have been like as an adult in 1940 with the Time Machine. Ancestry has an interactive, time-travel experience requires just a handful of information provided by you. In return, you get a custom video featuring YOU in 1940. While it’s not genealogy, it is high-tech fun. Create your own video and share it with your followers. And encourage them to create their own at  

Another Ancestry tool is the free guide Follow Your Family Using Census Records available at Census Guide

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ancestry favorite resource, tool and database

Crista Cowan of the Ancestry Aces has given an interesting blog prompt: What is your favorite resource on Do you have one database that you use more than others? A favorite tool, tip or trick you use when searching? 

My favorite resource on Ancestry.  Well I guess that would depend on what I was looking for.  If I was researching an area, then my favorite resource would be the card catalog.  I find it to be a good jumping off spot.   If I know that there are databases for Cook County Illinois voting records for specific years, I can check for ancestor names and misspellings for that particular family during that time period.  I also like to take a specific database and run all of the ancestors I believe to be in area through it.  For example the Chicago voting records should include both my grandfather, both my maternal great grandfathers, and several great uncles.  Even though they have different surnames I can complete the search for all of them on the database and call it done.  Of course then you need to track the findings or non findings of the search.  I note the search of the database in my research log located in my genealogy software, the negative or positive results, and then the date of the search. The card catalog will also advise you if the database has recently been updated.  If it has been updated I can check to see the date of when I searched and then be able to tell if I needed to perform the search again.  

The database that I use most often changes. Currently I am obsessed with locating my relatives in the 1940's Census (correcting incorrect transcriptions as I find them) and exploring the results from my DNA test.

Favorite tool, tip or trick - I have two tools I utilize. One is the Ancestry Wiki.  There have been updates made online to the Red Book and I appreciate the updated sources for my research.  The other is the Ancestry Android App for my phone.  I thought it was kinda of silly to load on my phone but it has come in handy!  First I was near the University of Arizona and realized I had some extra time.  I popped into the library and looked up some books that I wanted to search.  I had the family information with me so no need to go home.  The app is a great tool!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Otis and Ruby Clark 1940 Census

1940 United States Federal Census for Ruby Clark
1940 U. S. Census, Christian County, population schedule, Bear Creek, enumeration district (ED) 11-4, 3B (stamped), household 52, Family of Otis and Ruby Clark; digital images, ( : accessed 10 August 2012); Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1940. T627, 4,643 rolls..

I finally located my grandparents, Otis and Ruby Clark in the 1940 Census.  I located the file by searching for Ruby Clark, nothing was found for Otis Clark in the Illinois area.  Why wouldn’t Otis not show up?  Because Ancestry’s transcriber listed his name as “Atio”.   Weird, I don’t even see how they could of guessed that one.  The 1940 Census finds the family living in Bear Creek, Christian County, Illinois.  My father thought perhaps they were living in Stonington or Morrisonville. 

Listed on the census were:
Atio (Otis) Clark, head, age 47, farm labor
Ruby Clark, wife, age 32
Maxine Clark, daughter, age 13
Harold Clark, son, age 9
Map of Christian County, Illinois,_Illinois 
Brutus (Bruce) Clark, son, age 6
Lloyd Clark, son, age 5
Wilma Clark, daughter, age 3
David K Clark, son, age 9/12
I don’ recognize any of the family’s nearby.  My assumption is that they lived on some land that the farmer Grandpa worked for owned.  The census record indicates that the family had lived in the same place in 1935.  This would be the home that baby David Ross Clark would have been born, he was born and died in 1938.

Bear Creek was the place that the Durbin and Logsdon families settled.  I am still researching the Clark family that apparently came and settled in the area.  Grandpa Otis Clark’s mother was a Durbin.
BACK TO 1776
   Still in evidence are fragments of a log cabin
which was in ruins with the first recollection of
the oldest inhabitant and a cemetery are near.
There, gravestones bear inscriptions, rudely
cut, dating back to 1776.  Among the early
settlers were the Lees, Boyds, Vandeveres,
Simposons,Hewitts,Clarks, Murphys, Taylors,
Logsdons and Durbins, but it is claimed that
the Durbins and Logsdon families were many
years in advance of the other families.
"Durbin-Logsdon Settlement Down In Christian County," article, Decatur (Illinois) Daily Review, June 10, 1912.

Friday, August 10, 2012

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What are your favorite genealogy blogs?

A prompt from Crista Cowan of  Aces Program  asked what are your five or six favorite genealogy blogs to read.  Boy it was hard to limit my favorites, I think I could have shared at least ten or fifteen genealogy blogs.  Here are my “favorite six”:

Randy Seaver shares research, thoughts, family, and tips on his blog.  I really enjoy his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (SNGF) prompts.  I like the Legacy and RootsMagic posts about using  both of the software programs.   

Ancestry Insider
I really enjoy the Ancestry Insider,   Topics include Ancestry and FamilySearch updates and website information –

Greta’s Genealogy Bog
Tips for research,and tools.  Greta shares joys, problems, and pitfalls of family research.  Her blog also has research links for South Carolina, Texas and General Genealogy. 

Maintained by Dear Mrytle the blog lists webinar learning opportunities for genealogists.  I am always looking to learn something new.

What’s Past if Prologue
Great insight, wonderful subjects, Donna Pointkouski is a talented writer.

Marian’s Roots and Rambles
Marian always has some advice or interesting topics to share.  She is not afraid to tell it like it is and I really enjoy that about her.   She shares her researching thoughts and tips, many thazt I have incorporated into my own research.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Genealogy Search is 5 years old today!

I’m 5 Today!

The Genealogy Search blog is officially five today.  It is hard to believe that five years has gone by so quickly.  I am happy to report that my blog has found new relatives, shared numerous family pictures, allowed me to meet new "blogger" friends, and learn from other blogs.  What a wonderful group Geneabloggers has been and thank you Thomas MacEntee, Amy Coffin, and all the other genealogy bloggers for all your inspiration.

Here's to another wonderful year of blogging and continuing the Genealogy Search!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer vacation genealogy finds......

Visiting my mother in North Carolina yielded a plethora of genealogical goodies.  Among my grandfather's papers that my mother had possession of was his Honorable Discharge dated August 4, 1919.  I am having difficulty making out the Battles, engagement, skirmishes, and expeditions on the Enlistment Record but I am thrilled to have the paper in my possession.  

My mother also gave me his book The Forty-Seventh Infantry, A History 1917-1918  1919 copyrighted in 1929 by James E. Pollard.  The book is a record of events and incidents of the 47th Infantry.  Included are photographs of the Battalions and Companies that made up the 47th Infantry and maps of Action at Sergy, France; St. Thibalt, France and the Argonne Offensive.  My Grandfather is not listed in any of the Battalion or Company photos.  If you have a relative that served in the 47th Infantry I would be happy check the book  to see if they are included.  I will share more of my goodies in later posts.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012