Summer vacation genealogy finds......

Visiting my mother in North Carolina yielded a plethora of genealogical goodies.  Among my grandfather's papers that my mother had possession of was his Honorable Discharge dated August 4, 1919.  I am having difficulty making out the Battles, engagement, skirmishes, and expeditions on the Enlistment Record but I am thrilled to have the paper in my possession.  

My mother also gave me his book The Forty-Seventh Infantry, A History 1917-1918  1919 copyrighted in 1929 by James E. Pollard.  The book is a record of events and incidents of the 47th Infantry.  Included are photographs of the Battalions and Companies that made up the 47th Infantry and maps of Action at Sergy, France; St. Thibalt, France and the Argonne Offensive.  My Grandfather is not listed in any of the Battalion or Company photos.  If you have a relative that served in the 47th Infantry I would be happy check the book  to see if they are included.  I will share more of my goodies in later posts.


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