Getting it together

I'm happy to report that I've gotten numerous assignment completed for the NGS course. I attended the NGS Conference and found out how little I know! Now I am continuing the entering of information into my new database.

I am proud to report that the Arizona State Genealogical Society will soon have a new web page at We are finally getting current with the time. New business cards have been designed and a much needed image improvement is on the way. Along with the web and new cards, great new programs are coming along with some wonderful workshops. Did I mention a new meeting place? It has internet access, comfortable seating, a well light parking lot, everything we didn't have at the old location. While many changes are taking place, much is still the same. We still have the same wonderful members, SIG's, bookstore, raffles, and knowledgeable folks to help.

The ASGS Fall Seminar will be featuring John Colletta on November 8, 2008. A friday night banquet and talk being sponsored AZGAB on Friday, November 7th will be the kickoff for John Colletta's seminar on Saturday.


A Newman said…
Amy -- the website is! (It's okay, the front of the Copper Filings is wrong too!)

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