Donna Potter Phillips

I have got to tell you, Donna Potter Phillips is just one of those amazing folks in the genealogy field.  She offers us wonderful articles in numerous magazines, wisdom, attitude, humor - what can I say I'm a fan.  I've been busy asking her for tips and ideas for our society's newsletter.  When she spoke to the Arizona State Genealogical Society last year she said to contact her anytime.  Boy I have I abused her!  If you have a chance to hear her speak go - she's worth any price.  I can still see the folks in the audience being shocked when she told us to throw out  and weed through our research.  It's true, genealogist need to go through their paper work and get rid of the doubles, the stuff we know we don't need, yet we save......................  

The Society is getting in gear to start on our 2009-2010 planning.  The search is on for seminar, workshop, programs, events and trip ideas.  I know with the talent we have on the committees we will come up with a wonderful line up for the year.  


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