Skibbe's in the Chicago Directory

Chicago City Directory by the Chicago Directory Company for all listed below:

No records located in 1877, 1878, 1879, 1888, 1891

1867 Skibbe, William, bricklayer, home 775 State St

1883 page 1140
Skibbe, William, home 492 Paulina

Skibbe, William, bricklayer, home 38 Crossing St

1889 all on page 1651
Skibbe, Theodore, cooper, home 758 Elston Ave
Skibbe, William, laborer, 1083 W 20th St
Skibbe, William, laborer, 17 Bauwans

1890, page 2031
Skibbe, William, bricklayer, 690 W 19th St


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