Need a set of fresh eyes on an old problem

Above is the death certificate for my Grandfather's second wife.  Listed under cause of death does it say:
Pneumonia (both lungs) following 
Influenza and complicated birth 
chronic bronchial asthma? 

Now the family argument is did she give birth or suffer a complication during her birth?  Any suggestions?   I cannot locate a baby in the cemetery, her mother died prior to her.  It seems my Grandfather left the farm after her death and wandered around the county until he married his third wife in 1924. 


I think it says:

Pneumonia (both lungs) following influenza and complicated with chronic bronchial asthma
influenza & pneumonia

Then under "contributory:"

bronchial asthma several years since small child
Amy Urman said…
Thanks Amy, I can see that now, funny how all of us kept "reading" into it. I think you are right!

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