Treasure Chest Thursday

I recently had to break into the treasure chest (The Bank) to pay for the archival framing of my Grandfather's souvenir sweetheart pillow from WWI purchased in France.  I previously posted a picture of this treasure on 4 March 2010.  I paid extra to have additional stitching put in to support the lace, extra for the museum quality glass.  In two weeks I will have my treasure returned to me safety mounted to preserve it from additional harm.  My mother kept it folded in quarters in a cedar chest.  I am looking forward to having this treasure displayed on the wall rather than hidden away.  

I have found that family treasures that I display in my home generate stories and information sharing.  This happens not only with family members but guests in my home.  I have learned about other grandfathers’ war experiences, the lives of my family members, and traditions within and outside the family.

The clerk at the framing shop also shared her stories her family heirlooms.  She had items on display at her home and her aunt’s flapper dress she was planning on framing.

The cost of preservation may seem like we need to find some buried gold, but I am happy to pay the price for the heirloom’s future.  What it gives back to me is much greater than the price of preservation.


Lori said…
I can't wait to see it when it is finished!

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