Catching up

I have spent a wonderful day editing my master research list, ticking off those items I was able to locate and view while in Salt Lake.  I managed to view nine rolls of film and roughly seventeen publications.  Some yielded family wide information others items were just eliminated as  possible resources.

Now is the time to use the information located and eliminated to analyze, resolve conflicts, make conclusions and develop new research plans.

I also have some assignments gleaned from networking at the conference. Most importantly, I need to get back into the daily grind of  running my business Nosy Wilma LLC, a private investigative firm here in Tucson.  It seems a week is forever for some of my clients to not have me at their beck and call - not to worry - I'm back!


I love the name of your business. Makes me smile every time I see it.
Amy Urman said…
Thanks Amy, makes me smile too!
Glad you made it home safe and sound. I waved as I flew overhead. Did you see me?
Amy Urman said…
Michelle I think you waved when I was driving through the snowstorm - I missed it!

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