Clark Grade School Pictures

I have finished scanning and sorting yet another box of photos. Is there an end in sight? - I don't think so. The good news is that the photos are now preserved, sorted, filed, and available at an instance with my handy computer and file system.

This time I was scanning the Skibbe family photos that I skillfully removed from my mothers clutches. Among the box of photos from her family were two photos - one of my brother and one of my father - clipped together at the bottom of the box. I am not going to ask how they got there, however, it is interesting that both photos were taken when they were each about nine years old.


You can definitely tell they are related.

Will you scan my family photos? I only have a few thousand;)
Amy Urman said…
Michelle I am the scanning Goddess/Queen of Tucson. My family thinks I like the scanner better than them. LOL

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