Making progress

This past week has been a busy one.  I sent out a letter to the Fayette County Court in Illinois to locate additional court filings on my Great Grandfathers probate file.  Previously I had located some records on a film at the Family History Library, however, the film noted that several record books were not filmed.  I requested a copy of an entry for Richard Poundstone of Bement in the 1929 Roll of Honor at the Illinois State Archives.

I also sent away for death certificates on some collateral relatives.  I was lucky to connect with a new Clark/Dial relative on Ancestry and Facebook.  If all goes well I will be meeting a new cousin on my next visit to Illinois.  A status hearing for the accused murderer of my Uncle Bruce will be taking place on June 17 at the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur, Illinois.  Once the trail date is set I'll visit Illinois to attend the trial, meet new relatives and do some more sluething in the area, and deliver some of our son's belongings he left at our house prior to his move to Chicago.  Here is hoping that the trial is not in July, I would much rather be in Arizona in July than the humidity of Illinois.
I finally obtained an answer from the church in Stonington regarding my Grandfather's baptism, interestingly enough he was baptized  September 9, 1973, just three years prior to his death.  His mother was a devout Catholic, I wonder if I should contact the Catholic church where he grew up to see if he was christened at one of the Catholic Churches in the area.  I will need to add this search to my list of items to research in Illinois or perhaps my new "cousins" can shed light on the subject since their Grandfather was my Grandfather's half sibling.


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