The Illinois State Archives sent the entry for for Richard Poundstone from the Roll of Honor.  It did list information about him but nothing I didn't already know.  I was hoping that it would provided the unit he served in the Civil War.  It is obvious that he did not serve for the state of Illinois.  Now I just need to find out whether or not he served in Indiana or Ohio.

My Uncle Bruce's murderer, John Joynt, has once again received a delay of trial.  The next hearing date will be at the end of July.  I hope that this case gets to trial before anymore family members pass away.  I have another Uncle that is in poor health that really needs to see this process completed before his time comes.

I have been working on a list of Illinois research to do if I have a chance to travel to Illinois for the trial.  Right now it is just wait and see while the wheels of justice grind away.


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