Family Pictures, Artifacts and Organization

I spent yesterday and part of today labeling my framed family photos and artifacts (shadow boxes and framed artifacts).  I did my best to supply as much information as possible on the back of each photo frame.  I included name(s), date or time period,lineage and relationship to our family and corresponding file #.  I printed the information out on adhesive labels and placed them on the back of the photo or frame. 

I file everything by MRIN (marriage number) because I think of my genealogy by family.  I finally finished going through the whole house.  I have pictures in every room and in the hallways, I guess I never realized just how many photo's I had "hanging" around the house.    I also scanned every photo I had framed and placed a digital copy in it's corresponding computer MRIN file.  I took picture of my shadow boxes and framed artifacts and uploaded the photo's into the computer files.  See for information on how to use this filing system.    Finding a system that works for you is not an easy task.  You can read more about organization ideas at where Lorine McGinnis Schulze has posted her thoughts and has a discussion gong about organization (Follow Friday - thanks for such a timely post Lorine).

I still need to photograph the artifacts I have in the safe and the larger heirlooms I have in the house.  I think I will probably attach some sort of tag to these larger items and continue the process of having a digital image of the item placed in my digital files.


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