Case of the Poor Me's


I have had a case of the poor me's, one of my dogs passed away on Friday and today is probably the first day I have felt back to normal.  Wackie always laid by my desk and the office seems empy without her here.

I missed The Genealogy Search anniversary on August 6, the blog is now two years old. Reflecting  over the past few years,  I want to say thank you to Geneablogger for all the advice and friendship that came with joining this wonderful group. I recently joined Blogging for Ancestors and hope to meet even more wonderful folks.

I also want to acknowledge all the wonderful folks I have met through my blog, at conferences, and everyone that shares their genealogical blogs. I think we all learn a little something or find a little something we can relate to by reading others blogs.  I am looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring!


S. Lincecum said…
I'm so sorry you lost your pretty dog. I see signs of mine getting older, and the thought of what eventually will come saddens me.
Greta Koehl said…
So sorry to hear about your dear Wackie; it is so hard to part with our faithful animal companions.
Amy Urman said…
Thank you for your kind thoughts. She was suffering with congestive heart failure, the vet said we had about a year, we lost her a bit earlier than that.
I'm sorry to hear about your Wackie. It's hard when the physical space they occupy is empty. Hugs.
I'm so sorry to hear about Wackie. They are every bit as much a part of our family as the humans.

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