Madness Monday - 15 year probate of John N. Poundstone 1817-1900

A while back I sent a letter of inquiry to the Cass County Circuit Court in Logansport, Indiana to see if they had a record of my 3rd Great Grandfather's (John N. Poundstone 1817-1900) will and probate.  I am happy to report that I was sent a copy of the will filed with the court. I am sorry to report that the court only copied the will and did not copy any additional information from the probate process.

He listed his children by name (including the married names of his daughters), his wife, his belongings and land.  I have found in the past that not all my relatives have been so helpful. 

Young America, Cass Co. Indiana
July 25", 1895
In the name of the Benevolent Father of all I John N. Poundstone of Cass County Indiana being in reasonably good health and of sound mind do make and publish this my last Will and Testament and revoking all former Will by me made.
Item 1st devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Nancy Poundstone after my debts and funeral expenses are paid all my Personal Property in the house except my two beds and bedding and notes and money that may on hands or owing to me at the time of my death my wife is to have all the goods in the cellar and small smoke house and one cow and six hundred dollars in money or notes also the poultry that may be on the premises at the time of my decease also the milk house and all the contents therein at my death.
  I also devise and bequeath to my wife Nancy Poundstone all the land that I own in section Thirty One (31) township Twenty five North of range two East containing Forty seven acres and 77/100 of an acre to be hers as long as she remains my widow after her death and in case she remarries again then in that case then it is my will that the above bequeath real estate be sold by my Administrator at private sale and the proceed divided equally between my three sons Richard, Henry and George W. Poundstone and my two daughters Elizabeth A. Hyman and Caroline Zeck.
Item 2nd I further devise and bequeath to my three sons Richard, Henry and George W. Poundstone and my two daughters Elizabeth A. Hyman and Caroline Zeck all my notes money on hand at my death.  Also the two beds and bedding above except to be divided between them.
Item 3 It is my will that the remainder of my property not above bequeath be taken by my Administrator and sold at public sale and the proceed to by used to pay my debts and funeral expenses and the balance if any to be divided between my children and if there is not enough of said Personal Property not bequeath then he is to use the money on hand or that he may collect.
  I do hereby nominate and appoint Thomas Henry my Administrator.
John N. Poundstone X his mark
Signed and acknowledged by John N. Poundstone as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.
John W. Cost
Samuel J. Beck

I decided to check the newspapers in the area for any mention of John. I located two different obituaries and believe it or not a Notice of Settlement of Estate.  The notice of settlement was dated November 29, 1915, fifteen years and four months after his death.  Now how many estates have taken over fifteen  years to be probated?  By 1915, Nancy his wife and his children Henry and Elizabeth had already passed.

I saved a copy of my letter requesting copies of John's probate file.  I think I will copy it, tweek the request to specifically  include probate filings after the initial filing of the on 14 Jul 1900 and see what I get.  It should be an interesting filing to review.


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