Sentimental Sunday - Edward Skibbe

Edward Skibbe, Army WWII
My Uncle Ed Skibbe was born 27 Feb 1904, the eighth of ten children born to Wilhelm and Julia nee Panzer Skibbe.  He spent a great deal of time with his eldest brother, my grandfather William Adolph Skibbe.  At one time they operated the Skibbe Tire Company in Chicago, Illinois.  They were vulcanizers and mechanics that were available to fix tires and autos twenty four hours a day, each brother taking shifts at the garage.  Ed served in the army during World War II.

Though they were fourteen years apart, these two brothers lived and worked together on and off for years until Uncle Ed met the love of his life, Anne Verberg.  Anna Katherine Verburg was five years older than Ed.  They married in 1945 and spent their later years living in a house Ed built on Bass Lake in Indiana.  Childless,  Ed and Anne doted on their many nieces and nephews.  My family frequently visited Uncle Ed and Aunt Anne.  We played on the beach of Bass Lake under the careful watch of mom and Uncle Ed.  Aunt Anne always prepared a meal or a snack for our visit.  Ed died in 1987, Anne passed away in 1991. 


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