Surname Saturday - The Durbin's

The last name of Durbin first appears in my family line through my father's grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Durbin (1861-1949).  She descended from Morris (Maurice) Durbin, 8 April 1822 - 10 February 1880, and Rachel Logue, 29 January 1837 - 11 Jan 1911. 

Morris descended from John Durbin, Jr (1794-1847) and Mary Weinbrenner (1804-1886).

John Durbin Jr.'s father was, of course, John Durbin (1763-1845) and his mother was Honora Logue (1761-1840). 

I am still researching this family line.  I could go on with possible ancestors of  John Durbin, however, I do not have any documentation other than hearsay.  It is time to do a little sluething on this line and dig up some  evidence that will extend my Durbin line.


Durbins and Logsdons were often associated. Where were your Durbins from?
Amy Urman said…
I do have Logsdon's in my family line. My line appears to migrate across the United States from the Virginia and Maryland area. The familly later migrated to Ohio, Indiana and finally in Illinois. Have I met another cousin?
Zena Richardson said…
Is she a new cousin Amy?
Amy Urman said…
She hasn't responded, but I think all or us Durbin/Logsdons are related to just about everyone in that area!

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