Surname Saturday - The Logue's

The Logue family has wound it way into my family history numerous times.  The Logue's married Logue's, Durbin's, and Logsdons.  The three families appear to have migrated together via Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. 

Rachel Logue, (1837 Ohio - 1911 Illinois) my 2nd Great Grandmother married Morris Durbin (1822 Maryland - 1880 Illinois).  Rachel was the second wife of Morris.  They raised their family in Avena, Fayette, Illinois. 

Rachel's parents were John J. Logue (1807-1866) and Sarah Larrison (1815-1880).  They too settled in Avena, Fayette, Illinois.

John Logue's parents were James Logue  (1772-1844) and Mary Elizabeth Paine  (1781-1865), they too settled in Fayette County, Illinois.    The parents of James were James (1720-1831) and Mary Lawson (1732-1831).

Last name origin & meaning:
Irish (chiefly northern Ireland): reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maol Mhaodhóg (also Ó Maolaodhóg) ‘descendant of the servant (devotee) of St. Maodhóg’


S. Lincecum said…
My maternal grandfather is a Logue. His father was Asa Lorenza Logue (1877-1957), married Ophelia Peavy (1890-1958). They are from Georgia.

I have not had much success with this line, but it seems they were in Georgia for at least a couple of generations before Asa. I've often wondered if I will ever connect to the "northern" Logues. :-)

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