Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Foods

What is a holiday without the food?  My family always started Christmas with cinnamon rolls while we opened our stockings in the morning.  Later the family would gather for a prime rib dinner including Yorkshire pudding, rolls, gravy, and salad.  

I keep the tradition alive with my family, cinnamon rolls with the stockings and prime rib - without the Yorkshire pudding - (only one of my kids really enjoyed eating it).  My husband's family always had "Grandma's Punch" which is now included in our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.
The other tradition we have is baking cookies and giving away cookie tins.  The mechanics, vet, and friends look forward to having their treats.  Starting in November the guys at the gas station start asking if I am baking - they really enjoy their cookies.  The kids enjoy giving their friends cookies tins as presents.  We set up the dining room table as cookie central and dole out each type of cookie into each tin,  I think the most tins we made totaled about twenty.

Grandma's Punch
1  12oz can frozen orange juice
1  12oz can frozen lemonade (may use 6 oz can if preferred)
1  qt. cranberry juice
2  liter bottle of ginger ale
1 bottle champagne
Ice and fresh orange slices

Mix all ingredients in a punch bowl and enjoy!


I love Yorkshire Pudding! Haven't made it in years, probably because I was the only one who was crazy about it. Maybe I should try again...
DianaR said…
That punch sounds great - but then anything with champagne would sound good to me!
Greta Koehl said…
Oh - I recognize this punch! I used to make it for departmental functions when I was in graduate school.

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