Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Outdoor Decorations

Callie and lights - 2009
I remember that when I was growing up my mother was in charge of placing the wreath on the front door. Dad was in charge of the only outside decoration, plastic letters that spelled out NOEL.  The letters were a little over a foot tall with the letters alternating red, green, red and green.  The letters were mounted on the garage door for all the neighborhood to see.  Year in and year out the NOEL graced the garage door until the year Dad decided to be funny and put the letters up to spell LEON.  The neighborhood, Dad, me and my brother all thought is was hysterical - Mom was not amused.  Needless to say the spoilsport demanded that Dad fix the door ASAP.  I just wish I had been in the car with Mom when she initially drove into the driveway.

My husband and I enjoy hanging lights outside of the house.  Gary and I try to add to our collection each year.   This year we have added a white grapevine dog to our collection. 


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