Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Parties

Gary and Amy foreground, the Judge and brother-in-law behind us
Probably the best Christmas party we ever threw was our wedding.  Gary and I decorated the house, invited about 60 people, and those that came became part of our "surprise" wedding.  Our friend who was a Superior Court judge did the honors - well sort of - she couldn't read without her glasses so my brother-in-law stood behind her and read the ceremony into her ear and she repeated what he said.  We were made legal next to the Christmas tree in our living room with folks crowed around and overflowing into the dining room.  We hired a bartender, had the food catered, and had a riot of a time.  We didn't exactly plan for a photographer but we still have a few pictures some of our visitors took and shared with us. 


How fun! I love the idea of a surprise wedding. Thanks for sharing the story of yours.
Amy Urman said…
I loved not having the drama of a wedding but the thrill of a party.

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