Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Cookies

The only  cookies I remember in the house during the Christmas holidays were sugar cookies.  Mom would make the dough and my brother and I would help cut them out and decorate them.  Mom had the biggest assortment of cookie cutters.  She had metal cookie cutters, red plastic cookie cutters and also used a glass to cut out rounds from the dough.  My brother and I decorated the cookies with colored sugars.  My favorite shape was the Christmas trees.  Mom would let my brother and I help decorate

My husband's Grandma Eva made cookie tins for everyone in the family.  Each tin held many different types of cookies.  Just last night I made the corn flake wreathes with the red hots that she made. I am trying to remember the other types of cookies she included in the tin so I can make cookie tins for the family this year.  I thought it would be nice for all of us to reinstate the tradition. 


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