Year in Review

I have to say 2010 was a wonderful year.  I made some great friends, advanced my research, and upped my blog posts.  I also scanned every document I have for my family history and have sorted them in the appropriate locations. I also attended some wonderful conferences and learned some new tricks.  My business has been doing well and a long past murder in my family has been solved and the guilty party put in jail.  All and all a fabulous year.

2011 will be my year of refining my research goals, following my research plan and hopefully learning and growing even more.  This year I am going to search for my Poundstone relatives with a passion.  I plan on doing some research in Illinois and Indiana trying to track down some missing clues.  I will also see what information I can glean from my Miottel and Skibbe relatives.   I also plan on diligently searching my husbands side of the family.  Watch out Yurmanovich, Drezdon and Milolajckak families.


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