52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - New Year's Day

Thank you again Amy Coffin at We Tree http://wetree.blogspot.com/ for the genealogical prompts for the new year. The prompts provided by Amy are an easy way to work on your personal genealogy week by week.  Week 1's prompt is New Year’s- Did your family have any New Year’s traditions? How was the New Year celebrated during your childhood? Have you kept these traditions in the present day

I don't remember much of a tradition regarding celebrating New Year's Eve.  Mom and Dad used to invite friends over to share a New Year's Day meal that was shared with friends. I remember playing board games and just having fun with everyone that was at the house.  When my children were younger we invited folks over for a New Years day meal and played games.  Now that the kids have moved out Gary and I are in bed at our usual time although I think we made it to 11 this year and woke up around midnight because of the fireworks. (This is the first year that you could buy fireworks - some anyway - in Arizona)  The dogs next door howled, my beasts slept peacefully in their dog beds.

I remember when I was in my late teens and twenties I always dressed up and went to parties.  That stopped when I became a parent and when my friend Karla died while driving home from a bar on New Years Day.  I just didn't think that going out was that important on a night when folks where drinking and driving not to mention the fear of not making it home to my children like Karla.

I had a habit of making resolutions and never keeping them.  Now I make plans that I know I can accomplish.  One of my goals for the year is to learn something new to advance my genealogy at least once a month.  I know this can be accomplished through society meetings, seminars, webinars and conferences.  I plan on attending the Arizona Family History Expo in Mesa January 21 and 22.  The event has a wonderful line up and I will be happy to see many of my good friends that will also be attending.   Other learning experiences that I have planned on are two webinars being sponsored by Roots Magic - Sources, Citations, and Documentation with RootsMagic and Getting Started with RootsMagic.  I have also signed up for a webinar sponsored by Legacy, Chasing Woman, Finding Your Female Ancestor.  I also hope to figure out which software I am going to use, keeping two is rather time consuming.  Julie Miller, C.G. will be presenting  at the Green Valley Genealogical Society Seminar in February.  There are quite a few opportunities to make sure I meet my New Years goals.


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