Google for Genealogists Webinar sponsored by Legacy Family Tree

I just attended the Google for Genealogists Webinar by Thomas MacEntee sponsored by Legacy Family Tree.  I thought I was using Google for the maximum potential, boy I was wrong.  While I have been using many of the Google features Thomas shared quite a few others that I should be taking advantage of.  The webinar is free from the Legacy Family Tree for the next 30 days and will then be available for purchase.  Now I think the banana bread the husband was looking forward to and the few client tasks I need to do may need to wait while I "Google play" for awhile.

I encourage everyone to check out the webinar offerings at both Legacy Family Tree and at RootsMagic for help learning the either software program.  Legacy Family Tree also has several more non software webinars coming up such as one with newspapers and another chasing the females in your family tree. 


Thomas MacEntee said…
Thanks Amy for attending the webinar and your kind words - I am still reeling from all the feedback - a bit overwhelming.

I will be doing a Build a Research Toolbox webinar for Legacy Family Tree on April 6, 2011 at 1pm CST. Check their website for signups in the near future.
Gwen said…
My Webinar ID:778-661-265
I am trying to find the handouts for the Webinar held today "Google for Genealogist" at 2pm EST. I participated in the Webinar but have not copied the handouts yet.
Amy Urman said…
Gwen did you find the handouts? Go back to the webinar main page at
Legacy Family Tree, locate the webinar and on the far right under Thomas' picture is the download pdf handouts.

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