RootsMagic Webinar

This afternoon I attended the RootsMagic Webinar, Getting Started with RootsMagic.  Although it was a basic overview I still learned a few tricks that I didn't know.  Now I am looking forward to the more advanced webinars that will be offered.   The webinar is available online for download if you would like to view it.  The next webinar offered by RootsMagic will be Publishing a Family History on January 11th.  An important webinar coming up will by the Sources, Citations and Documentation on on February 4th - I would sign up soon since several webinars are all ready full.

Thomas MacEntee left a message on my blog that he will be teaching a Build a Research Toolbox webinar for Legacy Family Tree on April 6, 2011 at 1pm CST. Check LegacyFamilyTree website for signups in the near future.  I have never attended a conference class or webinar that Thomas hasn't taught this girl a new trick or two.

I had also planned to attend the RootsMagic group at UMC this afternoon but decided not to go after learning of the shooting of Gabby Giffords, Judge Roll and others in the northwest area of Tucson.  Many of the injured were flown to UMC and I was sure the hospital didn't need any additional folks around with all the news vehicles and added security around the hospital.  I would like to offer my prayers for everyone effected by the shooting this morning.  The legal community has lost a wonderful judge with the passing of John Roll.  It  is scary when things hit so close to home


Zena said…
My prayers are with you all.
Thomas MacEntee said…
Thanks for the kind words Amy - I am so glad you learned some new tricks at the Google for Genealogists webinar!

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