Update on Clark Research........................

Yesterday I sent off two more death certificate requests, one for Charles H. Clark and the other for Elizabeth Durbin Clark.  I also reviewed the records I have for them and added to the list of to do's to following:
*Search the Macon County courthouse for probate file for Charles.
*Search the Fayette County courthouse for probate or any other court records for Elizabeth and possibly Charles if his records are not located in Macon County.
*Visit Saint Bonaventure Church in Saint Elmo, Fayette, Illinois for church records for Charles, Elizabeth and
their family.
*Locate the family in the 1920 census
I hope to have the family located in the census soon.  The other tasks may need to wait until I visit the area in June.  My next thing to do is to locate other family tasks that I can accomplish while visiting on my next trip and send out letters to relatives asking them to bring their old pictures to the reunion for scanning and sharing with the family. I think I may need to buy one of those new Flip pal mobile scanners - good thing they will have a booth at the Arizona Family History Expo. I think the family will like to share photos if they know they will not need to be removed from the photo albums or frames.


Amy Coffin said…
Get your Flip Pal early. The vendor didn't bring enough and sold out fast at the Atlanta Expo. Hopefully they bring more to Arizona!
Amy Urman said…
I guess I will need to tackle that first thing thanks Amy!

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