Clark Family Reunion, research in Indiana and Illinois on the Poundstone line

I am trying to plan a quick trip to Cass County Indiana while visiting Illinois for our family reunion.  Problem is I don't know when it is!  I also need to hook up with some cousins and do a little courthouse stomping in Illinois.  All of that and try to keep expenses down!  Let's hope the family firms some plans up soon - I also hear that one of my cousins children is getting married soon and another cousin's child is getting married in June.  Kinda feel out of the loop here in Arizona (or maybe I just annoy my cousins too much for an invite to the weddings!)  I know I will need at least a day in Cass County to do some Poundstone research.  I would like to have a few days to visit Cousin Zena and her folks and do some research and then there is the Clark/Damery family - I certainly need a few days to catch up with them and  do a little digging around.  Here is what I wish to accomplish for my Poundstone line-

My Cass County Indiana list includes:  doing research on a town called Poundstone Corner, checking the courthouse for probate files for John Nicholas Poundstone - originally file in 1900 - settled in 1915 per newspaper account;  a will for Henry Poundsotne (son of John) died 1914, George W. Poundstone (son of John) died 1918.

My Piatt County Illinois list includes:  Will for Richard Poundstone (son of John) died 1919 ,  will for Ora Poundstone (son of Richard) died 1960,  will for Josiah Earnest Poundstone (son of Richard) died 1916,  will for John Newton Poundstone (son of Richard) died 1950.

I need to locate a Cass County Historical Society or museum, locate a local library and check out other research prospects in the area.  If anyone has any ideas for me please let me know.

Now I need to decide what I am going to search on for my Clark side while I am in Illinois.  I will begin that list soon.


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