Ordering a Naturalization File on line

Well I finally ordered Frank Urman's naturalization file today.  The whole process was painless and quick.  I just typed in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services web address - www.uscis.gov, searched for genealogy requests, hit the button on the right that said online request and after filling out a few answers my request was made.  Luckily I have Frank's original naturalization certificate so that I did not need to spend extra money on a search request.  The cost of the file was $20, not a bad amount for the information possibilities the file may contain.  The whole process took less than 10 minutes.  The government does appear to be back logged with requests - currently they are working on requests from December but I can wait.

Here is hoping that in a few months I can further my research of Frank.  Frank officially changed his name from Frank Yurmanovich to Urman during the citizenship process.


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