"Stealing" or Posting without citing the original source - Ora Pearl Poundstone

I had a surprise when researching on Findagrave.com, a death certificate that I posted on my blog and on Ancestry was posted to the grave of my Great Grandfather.  I don't mind the image being there, I do mind that some guy by the name of Max  Turpin that did not credit the source to anything but himself.  The image, unaltered from my scan of the original, including the state of Illinois processing date is shown on Findagrave. Now I have posted the picture on my blog (this one) and on Ancestry.com both places that clearly show my name.  I would have even uploaded the picture to Findagrave, that is not the issue.  The issue is taking someone's image and saying that it is yours!  When people are so blatant about taking credit for someone thing that they did not procure - what exactly does that say about their own research.  Other postings by Mr. Turpin regarding my family include census records and marriage records that are not cited.  Perhaps he found this information on Ancestry or Footnote or Family Search - who knows because the man does not cite his sources.  Now perhaps Mr. Turpin is just being "helpful" but to truly be helpful he needs to learn to cite his sources.


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