Trying to behave, but it's so easy to be distracted...

So I should be working on the handout for the genealogy class I am teaching on Tuesday, but I was distracted by the website for requesting SSA-711 Internet Requests for deceased Individuals Social Security Application. You can order onilne at, it took less than fifteen minutes to order four records.  I ordered records for Frank Urman, Ora Poundstone, Otis Clark, and William Skibbe.  Now I wonder just how long it takes for them to process the requests made on line.

Technically I was just looking for websites to share with my class when I started doing requests.  I guess  better stay off the internet and immerse my self in my word processing program and just get it done so I can play so more.  I am already thinking of other relatives that I could order requests for.  Save me from myself...


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