52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy - Week 19 Bedroom

This week's subjects is to describe the bedroom we had in our childhood.  The first bedroom I remember was at the house on Can Dota.   The room was pink and I had a chandelier light fixture.  I loved to watch the light play off the glass of the chandelier. The room I had for the majority of my childhood was at the Lincoln Street location.  My room had two different colors of green, a dark green accent wall and three lighter green walls.  I had a white wicker half canopy, night table and headboard.  I also had a white dresser.  One wall had built in white shelving under the windows.  The shelves held pet cages (hamster and guinea pigs, parakeets), stereo, television, craft supplies and books.  My room did tend to be on the messy side.  I considered it my sanctuary.  Just about everything I loved and loved to do was in that room.  I liked to keep one corner filled with pillows and an slumber bag that I used as a reading corner.  Saturday mornings we were up early to clean our rooms, do house chores and sort our laundry.  Parental inspection was required when we "thought" we were finished with our chores.  Once we got the ok, we could  go  play, watch TV, use the phone, or pretty much enjoy the remainder of the day.


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