It has been a long few weeks

The last few weeks have been tough.  One of my daughter's was in a car wreck, hit by a red light runner with out a license.  Another one of my other daughters is having serious health issues.  The Social Security Administration returned my request for my Grandfather William Skibbe's SS-5, they say there is no proof that he has passed (he died in 1961) and I just sent in a copy of his death certificate. 

The good news is my syllabus for the class Barbara and I are teaching is done. The garden is growing and tomatoes should be ready in a week or so.  I am working on getting my research list in order for my trip in June to Indiana and Illinois.  My to do list seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  My quick trip back home will include a wedding, the Clark family reunion and meeting new cousins found because of this blog, Facebook, and Ancestry.  It is indeed exciting! 


I'll be keeping your family in my prayers.

Congrats on finishing the syllabus for your class and I hope the tomatoes are scrumptuous (and the birds don't get them before you do-we've had problems with that).
Amy Urman said…
Thank you for the kind thoughts Michelle.

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