He called me a Citation Nazi

My husband referred to me as a "Citation Nazi".  At first I was offended, was I really that bad?  He said yes!  You are always wanting citations, demanding citations, telling people to cite their sources, do your research...

I don't think I am the Citation Nazi - I think I am Amy the Good Witch of Citations, or perhaps the Princess of Citations.  The point is I try to instill good research habits in others and myself.  I am not uppity, I am not saying everything I have cited was done in the most absolute perfect form.  I am willing to bet that you would be able to locate any materials referenced in my database whether or not they were in perfect form.  The point is, you can find my research.

I have found relatives on Facebook and other social sites. I love them, I welcome them with open arms.  Do I copy their research with open arms - never!!!!! I want to know everything.  Where did you get that, how do you know that, do you have a  ____________(death certificate, birth certificate, church record, etc)?  Perhaps I am as annoying as my husband says.

I think I will ditch the Nazi and keep the Amy the Good Witch of Citations.  I think the good witch wardrobe is better for my coloring - after all I am a summer.


I agree - ditch the name your husband came up with and keep the Good Witch name!

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