Madness Monday - Religious Excitement Dethroned the Mind Of Mrs. Lewis Hyman

Elizabeth Anna Poundstone who married Lewis Hyman is probably the first Poundstone I have come across suffering from a mental illness.  I have no information as to whether or not she had been admitted to the Long Cliff Hospital.  I do know that she had ten children between the years of approximately 1862 to 1885, that alone would make me doubt my sanity. 

Religious Excitement
Dethroned the Mind of Mrs. Lewis Hyman

Of Deer Creek Township, and She Attempted Suicide by Drowning

     Mrs. Hyman, wife of Lewis Hyman, a well-known farmer residing in Deer Creek township, two miles north of Young America, attempted suicided Sunday night by drowning in Deer Creek.
     The unfortunate woman is 56 years of age, the mother of several children, and her attempt at self-destruction was inspired by religious insanity.
     She had been a regular attendant at a religious revival in progress at the United brethren church in that neighborhood, and manifested a deep interest in the services.  Naturally of a nervous disposition, her brain gave way under a constant strain of excitement.
     Fully awake of her condition, and fearful of the results, her movements were guarded by the family, but with that cunning common to the insane, she stole from the house Sunday evening an proceeding direct to Deer Creek, near by, plunged into the water.
     Her absence discovered, the entire family, as is guided by instinct, hurried to the creek and there found the unfortunate wife and mother, about midstream, engaged in a fierce struggle with the current.  Although apparently lifeless when taken from the water, heroic treatment resulted in a complete restoration of her physical vigor, and if it is found within the next few days that there has been no improvement in her mental condition, application will be made for her admission to Long Cliff hospital.

"Religious Excitement Dethroned The Mind of Mrs. Lewis Hyman," Logansport (Indiana) Pharos Tribune, 20 March 1894, page 4, column 3.


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