Thankful Thursday - A wonderful free source: Western States Marriages Database

I spent a good deal of time searching and playing on the Western States Marriage website at  I luckily located marriage records for folks in the database that I previously had no evidence of marriage dates.  The website also gives the location of the marriage records so they have been added to my to-do list to send for.

The BYU Idaho marriage database includes pre-1900 marriages for Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada.  Some counties include records up until the 1930's and later.  A good deal of marriages are from California, western Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Utah, eastern Washington and Wyoming.  Early marriages (1700's) from New Mexico are currently being  added.

A groom search for the surname of Poundstone  yielded marriage records from 1865, 1946, 1982, 1992,  and 2004.  I received confirmation on numerous Potter, Howe and Wakely marriages. I found a total of 32 marriage dates and references to where each original record is located.  All for free, what a gonga!


I'm glad you posted about this data base. I've used it in the past with great results but haven't tried it recently.

I just did some new searches using information I did not have a few years ago. I got a couple of hits! Thanks!

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