Monday Madness: The only madness here is the hairdo I in this picture - ugh!

1988, obviously a year that I wore my hair in an unfashionable way and jeez  those glasses - who let me walk around like this!.  This is one of the first costumes I ever made.  Jessica had to be Snow White.  The costume turned out quite well and was passed on to a little girl down the street that was also crazy for Snow White.   This was our fist year living in Tucson, Arizona.


I remember having similar glasses!
Anonymous said…
Great photo! I also had similar glasses back then.
Nancy said…
I don't think your hairstyle was unfashionable for the time period, not at all. And the style of your glasses was very popular. I think it's a fun photo: you both look so happy.
Jennie said…
Honey, we all walked around like that. You were in good company.

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